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Winter Exercises

As a dog owner, you know that dogs need both mental and physical stimulation. The winter months put a damper in the quest to provide this for your dog. Many dog owners find that it’s too cold to get outside during the winter months to provide enough mental and physical stimulation for your dog. So, how do you get that winter exercise in?

Get Outdoors Anyways?

Yes, it may be cold, but, put on your winter gear and get your dog ready for some outdoor winter fun. The outdoors is good for all of us. Therefore, if you can brave the weather, the outdoors can provide hours of mental and physical stimulation for your dog.

Ups and Downs

During the times where it’s too cold and uncomfortable to go outside, you can use winter days to provide valuable training for your dog. Always with positive reinforcements, you can ask your dog to sit, shake, and lay down and providing a treat when he does this correctly. Repetition of this provides your dog with mental stimulation while still working out his hips and joints.

Don’t Be Sedentary Indoors

Just because the winter months or winter weather force you to be indoors, does not mean you or your dog must be sedentary. Make an effort to get your dog moving indoors. Get your dog moving around the house throughout all your rooms, around your beds, and up and down stairs. Make your dog work for treats by having to complete a “lap” that you’ve defined. Or, create a game out of it by hiding treats in your house for your dog to find. Remember, the idea is to get your dog moving and mentally and physically stimulated, and you can do this even if you’re indoors.

Boarding can also provide your dog with some indoor exercise if you’re not able to do so yourself. Contact us today to find out how.

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