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Tips for Spring Exercise

With Spring right around the corner and the temperatures finally starting to warm up, it’s a great time to start planning some adventures to get your pet outside for some exercise. 

Get Outside

Warm weather encourages outdoor activities. So, get your pet outside to explore new environments and stimulate his curiosity that will encourage more activity. Regular exercise helps your pet get out his pent up energy and can improve his behavior at home, so outdoor exercise is always a win-win. 

Go on Some New Adventures

After being cooped up inside during the winter months, Spring offers a new opportunity for some exciting new adventures. New sights, sounds, and environments are stimulating for your pet, so take this opportunity to explore new areas around where you live. Going to different beaches or a new hike is exciting for your dog. Even the beach or a lake is a great place to explore with your pet. 

Play Games

Pull out your dog’s favorite toy (or introduce a new one) and get him running. Throwing a ball or stick for your dog to retrieve is a great exercise for both you and your pet. Plus, playing games creates an inherent bonding experience between you and your pet. 

Protect Your Pet

Spring also comes with those pesky bugs and parasites that can cause your pet harm. Therefore, it is important to protect your pet from fleas, ticks, and heartworm. Talk to your veterinarian about the right protection for your pet. 

Additionally, your pet’s exposure to the sun should also be monitored. As you protect yourself from the sun, your pet should also be protected. Consider exercise in the morning or evening when the sun’s rays are not as intense. If midday is your only option, attempt to find somewhere shaded to exercise your dog. 

Always be sure to have plenty of water for your dog. All that running and exercise can lead to dehydration so be sure to bring water to keep your dog happy and healthy. 

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