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The Importance of Grooming Your Pet

We all want our pets to live a full, and healthy life. One way to achieve that is regular grooming, not only does it help keep your pet looking good, but it also provides many health benefits.

Start Young

Introducing your pet to grooming as a puppy acquaints him to the grooming process and makes it much easier as he grows. Starting as a puppy familiarizes your pet to the process, being handled by someone other than you, and the noises associated with grooming. Puppies tend to tolerate new things more readily, so grooming early will have lifelong benefits for your pet. 

Nail Trimming

Trimming your pet’s nails is an important component of the grooming process. Not doing so can lead to problems for your pet; however, nail trimming can be anxiety producing for both pets and owners. 

For dogs, neglecting to trim your pet’s nails can cause walking issues and lead to the destruction of your floors and furniture. Additionally, one must use caution when cutting your pet’s nails as dog’s nails contain nerve endings and a vein. Accidentally cutting the “quick” can cause bleeding and infection if not cared for properly. 


Bathing your pet keeps your pet smelling fresh and has benefits for his coat and skin. For most dogs, bathing once a month is sufficient; however, the frequency of baths greatly depends on your pet’s breed and activity. Shampoos and conditioners designed specifically for dogs should be used to avoid irritation to your pet’s skin and to help maintain your dog’s natural oils. 


Regular brushing of your dog’s coat not only keeps his coat shiny and looking great, but it also helps keep your pet's hair free of tangles and dirt. As the weather starts to change and get warmer, dogs will shed their undercoat. Brushing encourages shedding in one spot and helps you keep the fur contained. Regular brushing also lessens the amount your pet will shed in your house and on your clothes and furniture. 


Long hair breeds often need regular trimming to keep them looking their best and to avoid matted hair and tangles. In warmer climates, trimming also serves the purpose of keeping your pet cool to avoid overheating. Trimming is often best if done by professionals as they have tricks to keep your pet still and safe during trimming to avoid injury. 

If the thought of grooming your pet yourself makes you uncomfortable, Bark Central offers full-service grooming to keep your pet healthy and looking his best. Contact us today for information about our services!

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