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Prepare Your Pet for the Vet

A trip to the vet can cause a lot of anxiety. The unknown environment, new smells, and deviance from your pet’s regular routine can lead to behaviors that you have not seen before. Therefore, not only is your pet anxious but so are you. 

Instead, you want your vet visits to be as successful and as stress free as possible. Luckily, there are some things you can do to prepare your pet for a vet check that will help alleviate their stress and yours. 

Frequency is Key

While you don’t want to take your pet to the vet unnecessarily, the more familiar your pet is with the vet’s office and routine the less anxious they will feel. Perhaps, you can take your pet for a visit just to acquaint your pet with the vet and technicians. You can use an initial visit to get the non-intrusive parts of a checkup out of the way. Hopefully, once it comes time for shots, your pet will feel more familiar with your vet, their office, and the technician. 

Leash Your Pet

Keep your dog on a leash while traveling to and from the vet’s office and while inside the waiting room. There are a number of different animals, and you want to be able to restrain your pet if needed. Plus, keeping your pet leashed and right next to you helps ease his nerves. 

Consider a Pet Carrier

If you are taking a small dog or cat to the vet, a pet carrier is often the best mode of travel. This ensures your pet is safe from larger animals who are also feeling uncertain out of their normal environments. 

Play with Your Pet

Play with your pet prior to the vet checkup. This helps your pet burn some of their nervous energy and helps prevent an accident during the appointment. 

Reward Your Pet

Don’t forget the treats when taking a trip to the vet. Rewarding your pet for good behavior alleviates anxiety and makes the trip more fun! 

At Bark Central, we are committed to helping you provide a safe, healthy life for your pet! Contact us today for information about our services!

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