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Ideas and Tips for Boarding Your Dog

Summertime gives people the opportunity to travel. Many destinations allow you to bring your dog. However, when your dog cannot accompany you for your summer travel plans, boarding your dog offers a safe, engaging environment that can serve as a vacation for your dog too!

These tips can help you prepare and alleviate any anxiety you (or your dog!) might feel about boarding.

  • Prepare in Advance: Often, summer vacations are planned for long before they happen, but sometimes unexpected travels arise and you must board your dog quickly. Therefore, it is important to research possible boarding options and familiarize yourself with the requirements and process of boarding your dog.

    Be sure your dog has all the necessary vaccinations and keep them updated so that when it comes time to board, your dog is ready.

  • Become Familiar with the Boarding Company: Nothing makes you--or your dog--more anxious than not being familiar with what to expect from a boarding kennel. Once you believe you’ve found a kennel you’d like to use to board your dog, find out if the kennel does day camps or something similar so that you and your dog become familiar with the environment. This can make the transition much easier and enjoyable for your dog.

  • Take Your Dog’s Food: Be sure to provide the kennel with enough food for your dog’s entire stay. Drastically changing your dog’s diet can cause severe digestive issues; therefore, to ensure your dog’s comfort don’t change his diet right before or during his stay at the kennel. Also, if you want your dog to have specific treats while you’re gone, be sure to provide those as well.

  • Take Your Dog’s Favorite Things: Remember, you want your dog to feel comfortable and safe while being boarded. Therefore, if he has a favorite toy or likes to sleep on a favorite blanket, take that to the boarding kennel for him to use throughout the stay.

Boarding kennels often have play times for dogs to interact with staff and other animals; therefore, it is often an exciting time to socialize for your pet. The more you know about the kennel, the more at ease you will feel about leaving your pet. You’ll likely find that your dog is excited to go and enjoys his time spent with a boarding kennel, and you can enjoy your vacation without worry.

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