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Five Tips to Beat the Heat for Your Pet

The warmer months welcome the opportunity to get your pet out to enjoy the outdoors. Pet owners and pets alike enjoy the chance to get out of the house, explore, and get some fresh air.

However, warm temperatures can be unhealthy for your pet if the proper precautions aren’t taken.

Use these tips to help your pet beat the heat this summer:

1. Provide Opportunities to Drink Lots of Water

Just like you, staying hydrated helps reduce the negative effects of the heat. Give your pet lots of opportunities to drink cool water at home and especially while exercising. If you venture out of the house during hot weather, be sure to take enough water for both you and your dog.

2. Keep Your Pet in a Cool Place

If your pet spends much time indoors, keep the temperature inside as cool as possible. Likewise, if your pet likes to spend his time outdoors, be sure there are shady areas where he can escape the sun’s heat. If the two of you are outdoors for an extended period of time, take breaks in the shade to provide you and your dog an opportunity to cool down.

3. Avoid the Heat of Day

It’s always great and stimulating to get your pet outdoors to explore and exercise; however, be cautious about the time of day you venture outside. Avoid exercising in the hottest part of the day; instead, stick to early morning or evening when the sun’s heat is not as direct.

4. Be Conscientious about Your Dog

When you exercise outdoors, you have shoes to protect you from the heat radiating from the pavement. Your dog, however, does not. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of how hot the pavement is to ensure the pads of your dog’s paw do not get burned. If you are exercising outdoors with your dog and the pavement is hot, be sure to allow your dog to run in the dirt or grass where the heat isn’t as strong.

5. Watch for Overheating

If your dog begins to show signs of overheating--heaving panting and excessive drooling--be sure to give him the opportunity to rest, get some water, and cool off in the shade. If your pet becomes weak after extended periods of exercise in the heat, seek veterinary advice.

These fairly simple tips can help you enjoy the summer months with your pet exploring and exercising in the summer months while keeping your dog happy and healthy!

At Bark Central, we are committed to helping you keep your pet happy and healthy in the summer months. Contact us today to find out how we can help!

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