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5 Ways Your Pet Shows They Love You

Having a pet can sometimes feel like a one-sided relationship. There’s a lot you do to show your pet he is loved--feeding him, spending time with him, and buying him special treats.

However, your pet demonstrates his love for you in a variety of ways as well.

1. Welcoming You When You Get Home

Whether you’ve been gone all day or merely went out for five minutes, when you walk in the door you can feel your pet’s excitement. Your dog probably wags his tail, jumps on you a little, and runs around with glee while your cat might meow and rub up against your leg. These behaviors are your pet’s way of telling you he’s missed you and loves that you’re home.

2. Playing with You

Pets often love a little quality playtime. Your dog may be eager to go outside and fetch a ball while your cat may be happy to attack the little ball at the end of a string. This time your pet spends with you is also his way of showing you that you’re loved and that he enjoys your company.

3. Snuggling with You

Sleeping on your bed or snuggling with you while you relax, your pet’s desire to snuggle with you is his way of showing love. Your cat’s kneading as he finds a comfy spot on your lap and your dog’s desire to sleep right next to you is their way of showing that they feel comfortable in your company.

4. Being In Your Space

Along the same lines, the constant need to be in your space is a sure-fire way to know your pet loves you. Those sometimes annoying little behaviors such as your cat sleeping on your pillow or your dog constantly being at your feet are your pet’s way of communicating their fondness of you.

5. Following You Around

When your pet follows you around and seemingly wants to be everywhere you are, you know your pet loves you. After missing you when you’re gone, following you around when you’re home is your pet’s way of telling you how much they missed you and how much they love that you’re home.

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