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Welcome to Bark Central!

Bark Central Kennel & Pet Resort is a full service premium pet care facility that is owned and operated by animal lovers who truly care for your pets. We work hard to give your pets a clean, comfortable and enjoyable place to spend their vacation. We offer dog and cat boarding, heated and air-conditioned kennels, indoor and outdoor runs, grooming, playtime, Doggie Day Camp and emergency veterinarian support. We also have extended hours for early dropoff or late pick-up and there is no additional charge for holiday or peak times.

Here at Bark Central, your pet is our family! If you would like to visit our facilities, we would be delighted to take you on a kennel tour during regular business hours. Contact us to make an appointment or if you need additional information.

Monday — Friday 7am — 6:30pm
Saturday 8am — 5pm
Sunday 9am — 7pm

Please inquire about the hours of operation if your pet(s)
will be boarding over a holiday.

Save $5 off 1 day of boarding, grooming or day camp!

New customers only; limit one per customer.


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